Briana was first introduced to me by Jessica Fogel, chair of the University of Michigan’s Department of Dance, as a performer who would be the perfect addition to a very special event being planned. In my role as Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer for the School of Music, Theatre & Dance, I was in charge of organizing the U-M Bicentennial Colloquia: Social Justice and the Performing Arts, featuring U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor. Briana’s performance was the perfect complement to an evening of extraordinary talent depicting the power of hope, courage, and love. In particular, Briana’s energy and way of engaging the audience was a refreshing moment amongst the collection of performances. Personally, my daughters were enthralled by her movements and the joy she radiated. Her presence left a mark on their memory that surpassed all else that evening for them. It was truly a pleasure to have experienced her talents!

Freyja Harris, Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer, U-M School of Music, Theatre & Dance

“Briana Stuart est une artiste complète qui mérite d’être rencontrée. Son aura solaire et positive va vous embarquer dans son univers en un rien de temps ! Optimisme, talent, générosité, énergie, passion… Elle possède toutes les atouts qui font d’une professeure et danseuse un mentor qualifié pour vous faire évoluer vite et bien. Pour avoir suivi des stages avec elle, je peux vous assurer qu’elle va vous pousser dans la bonne direction, à savoir vers le haut et vers l’avant ! Affaire à suivre, ne manquez surtout pas la chance d’apprendre avec cet instructeur de qualité made in USA !

-Lou Pradas, Belgian Artist/Performer/Teacher

Among the collection of virtuosic solos highlighted in the piece, the one that stood out most was Briana Ashley Stuart’s emotionally isolating section, which used a follow-spot type trick with the top lights. Stuart maintained such composure that it felt that she was hopeful and alone in a struggle against something greater than what an individual can endure, or perhaps understand.

Taryn Packheiser Brown
DC Dance Journalism Project Review of “Analog” by S. J. Ewing & Dancers

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