Becoming Together

In her interactive solo performance, Becoming Together, Briana Stuart uses the movement and energy of stepping – a traditional African American dance form – to achieve a live cultural exchange with the audience. Her solo seeks out and uses well-known and lesser-known rhythms and songs to redefine the familiar through the vocabulary of song and stepping movement. This creates an intimate atmosphere of rhythm and music, creating an instant connection between the audience and Briana Stuart as performer and person.

Duration: 15 minutes
Choreography & performance: Briana Ashley Stuart
Production: Koninklijke Vlaamse Schouwburg – KVS
Dramaturgy: Kristin Rogghe
Voice Coach: Berthe D-wa Tanwo Njole 
Photo Credit : Karolina Maruszak


Be The Rhythm

Be the Rhythm is an interactive family-friendly show that encourages connection and artistic expression through music and dance. It highlights
Stepping, a highly energetic African American form of body percussion, as a rich art form that inspires creativity, confidence and strength by clapping your hands, stomping your feet and raising your voice. By uncovering the strong influence of children’s hand games and hip hop within the history of Stepping, we discover the instinctual rhythm within all of us and celebrate the importance of connecting through movement and sound.

Duration: 35 minutes
Choreography & performance: Briana Ashley Stuart
Performance: Briana Ashley Stuart, Melanie De Poorter, Remy Mpuki, Yolien De Pue
Production: Citylab Pianofabriek & Kaaitheater
Costume Design: Julie Menuge


Stepping: Freedom in Form

In May 2021, as part of “Singing Brussels” organized by Bozar, Briana Ashley Stuart tells the story of stepping through her autobiographical account. Stepping is a body percussion art form closely linked to the history of African-American people in the United States. The compelling dancer and storyteller reveals how the body and voice can be used to express inner freedom and explore individual and collective identities.

Duration: 14 minutes
Text & Performance: Briana Ashley Stuart
Production: BOZAR
Click here to view Briana’s talk


Moving Meditations – Works in Progress October 2021

Briana has been recently selected among 6 other artists to premiere her new work Moving Meditations in collaboration with WIPCOOP.

Moving Meditations is a reconciliation and deconstruction of the artform of stepping with other dance styles including contemporary dance and hip hop to reveal a movement philosophy that is inherently human and shared by all. The history and movements of stepping will serve as a lens to exploring our human need for freedom of expression, meaning and connection in relationship with other forms. I believe that in honoring the art form of stepping through cultural exchange and artistic exploration, we honor the human race as a global collective despite nationality, language and culture because one story is all of our stories.

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